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[81] 100% Original Ready Stock Pivot 7 Drive 36 Step Electronic Throttle Controller Japan
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Pivot 7 Drive 36 Step Electronic Throttle Controller Japan

* Instantly enhance the car explosive power, improve the electronic throttle hysteresis, enhance driving pleasure
* Improve the electronic throttle sensitivity and response speed, instantly push back feeling
* Improve the engine deposits, fuel saving, low carbon travel
* This product uses the original car port, without initialization setting, plug and play, non-destructive installation

Function and specification:
1. To improve the car handling ability by control the sensitivity of car throttle controller switch, so make it better adapt to different driving habit and road conditions.

2. Include :
~ P1 Comfortable Mode: (1-9 adjustable)
Increases the rate of a reaction of the bleeding shutter, Smooth accelerating.
~ P2 Sport Mode: (1-9 adjustable)
Improve the instantaneous acceleration and turming abilities,to achieve the best speed rate.
~ P3 Racing Mode: (1-9 adjustable)
Achieve the Superior acceleration performance and make it feels like in the Racing-Field.
~ nor Normal Mode:
Back to the Normal control mode.
~ EC Fuel-saving mode: (1-9 adjustable)
Can achieve the best Fuel-efficient mode, about 8% - 15% fuel saving.
except the NOR ORIGINAL MODE, all of others modes has 9 classes adjustment function.

3. The product was adopts lights sensitive auto-adjust technology can efficiently adjust the digital light tube of Throttle controller responds to the light intensity.

4. Each level changes slightly by using smoothly curvilinear to guarantee the sense of acceleration and no hard feeling to increase the throttle .

5. To better accoommodate the habits of gear shifing, the products was divided into AT MODE and MT mode. Drivers can drive the car according to their own habit, it is unconstrained by.

AAA Auto (AT) mode.

HHH Manual (MT) mode.


Warranty Policy
Product Warranty Period: 6-12Months (Start from date of product received)
Warranty cover main device defective only, server issue, swallow battery, accessories defects, water damaged is not covered.
The returned / warranty product must be in original condition including packaging
Any returned product that is damaged through customer misuse or is missing parts due to customer tampering will be not accepted
Buyer shall bare all the cost occur during warranty claim.

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