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The characteristic that the DEEP mode had a characteristic to lengthen to the super low tone which a main speaker could not reproduce as "sub woofer" obediently, and was superior in the connection with the front speaker. Sound wound where a one rank nominates sound quality of the audio system for. The DYNAMIC mode on the other hand is tuned up by the sound quality with the impact to appeal to "bodily sensation". I push the existence of the woofer daringly on the front and can do how to sound that it is like "a main woofer". By not putting up the output, and squeezing reproduction frequency band daringly; Don! I realize the sound that と pierces. I can adjust it by attached remote control anytime easily. I can choose you to a genre of a feeling and the music of the day.


Speaker constitution 20cm *13cm plane aluminum vibration board sub woofer

Max power 160W

Reproduction frequency band DEEP 20Hz - 200Hz It is 160Hz

DYNAMIC 40Hz Output sound pressure level

DEEP 95 dB


Low-path filter 50-120Hz (-12dB/oct) Maximum consumption electric current 4.3A

The cord head Speaker cord 5m, power supply cord 5m, remote-control 5m, cord 0.2m for the RCA connection

External form dimensions 280mm (W) *70mm (H) *200mm (D)

Mass (including accessories) 3.5 kg



CARROZZERIA TS-WX120A 150W 8" Compact Built In Amplifier Active Car Subwoofer

Grab this now before it's too late!! Powerful Bass in an Ultra-compact Sub The Pioneer TS-WX120A is an extremely compact, yet powerful subwoofer system for your car. Its built-in MOSFET amplifier boosts no less than 150 watts through the aluminum cone woofer. Suitable for any kind of music, this sub produces a deep, robust and high-power bass, all the way down to 30 Hz.

The compact design of the Carrozzeria TS-WX120A allows it to be installed in many places ? also underneath the passenger seat. Without compromising the sound output, you could even stack your luggage on top of it in the booth.

Thanks to its polyurethane finish, this sub is scratch-resistant. It has a wired remote, so you can easily tune gain, phase, and LPF. Amplified Subwoofer While the TS-WX120A is compact, it does not lack in output. It has a built-in MOSFET amplifier that produces deep, solid sounding bass.

The woofer cone is made of aluminum which allows for a consistent bass response. Wired Remote The TS-WX120A also includes a wired remote for direct control of audio adjustments for the powered subwoofer. With the press of a finger you can adjust gain control, frequency response, and phase.

Easy Installation The TS-WX120A is a uniquely compact speaker that allows installation in a wide range of vehicle applications. Installing the subwoofer under seats and in small spaces is ideal for this powered subwoofer.


Amplified subwoofer: Yes

Space saving: Yes

Impedance: 4 ohm

Frequency response: 30-160 Hz

Sensitivity: 98 dB

Lowest resonance frequency: 76.6 Hz

Maximum power input: 150W

Nominal output power: 50W

Woofer material: Aluminum cone

Voice coil type: Copper

Built-in variable LPF (50-125 Hz, -12dB/oct.): Yes

Recommended sealed enclosure (L): 2.2L

Magnets: Y-35 Weight: 3.6kg

Woofer size: 20 x 13cm

Remote control: Wired remote controller (6m)


Warranty Policy

Product Warranty Period: 6-12Months (Start from date of product received)

  • Warranty cover main device defective only, server issue, swallow battery, accessories defects, water damaged is not covered.
  • The returned / warranty product must be in original condition including packaging
  • Any returned product that is damaged through customer misuse or is missing parts due to customer tampering will be not accepted
  • Buyer shall bare all the cost occur during warranty claim.

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